Favorite Christian Series

Christian Fiction is a genre I have stayed away from in the past because it’s usually a full freight train of religious themes and evangelic messages that can put most readers off.While these things are present in Chrys Cymri’s books, they are kept to a minimal in a way that conveys messages that most readers, Christian and Non-Christians alike can relate to. Chrys Cymri has proven that Christian Fiction does not have to be boring. She has been nominated for the 2017 “Top Female Authors” by authorshow.com

Can be read as standalone but I recommend that you read in order.

Book #1-Penny White and the temptation of Dragons
What others are saying about Penny White and the temptation of Dragons:

‘This is a novel that everyone should read. It has so many layers; religion, humor, friendship, family, marriage, and social norms. Everyone can find something to love. I haven’t been able to stop talking about it! It’s original, refreshing, and delightful!’ ★★★★★  Readers’ Favorite

‘The world is richly penned with fully developed larger-than-life characters, a beautiful and believable world, and a premise that will tickle the fancy of anyone who loves a decent mystery wrapped in a shroud of fantasy. …A nearly flawless tale of a flawed woman doing her best with humor and faith, though not always with dignity, in a strange new world, this is one magical creation not to be missed!’  ★★★★ 1/2 InD’Tale Magazine

Book #2-Penny White and the Cult of the Unicorns
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 What others are saying about Penny White and the Cult of the Unicorns

‘A compelling and witty sequel to Temptation of Dragons! Penny is a fantastic heroine because she doesn’t think of herself as such. …Chrys Cymri perfectly captures this blend of humor, honesty, reality, and fantasy.’ ★★★★★  Readers’ Favorite

‘Chrys Cymri has created a treasure with the world of Lloegyr and the Father Penny is an absolutely endearing character to follow as a tour guide. I can’t wait to read more!’ ★★★★★ Goodreads Reviewer

Book #3-Penny White and The Marriage of Gryphons
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What others are saying about Penny White and The Marriage of Gryphons

‘Fun, witty, powerful, Penny White and the Marriage of Gryphons is another delightful adventure that’s addictive past the last page.’ ★★★★★  Readers’ Favorite

About Chyrs

My full time occupation is as a priest in the Church of England. Currently I am in a training role, and also serve as an Associate Vicar in an urban church. As I wrote earlier, I find the role fulfilling on many levels. In an age where many people have to work in jobs which they loathe, I consider myself to be very fortunate.

My interest in spirituality can be seen in my novels, although most of them are not explicitly Christian. I get to preach often enough in my church. I don’t feel the need to do so in my writing!

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