Book Review :The Cult of Unicorns by Chrys Cymri

‘A compelling and witty sequel to Temptation of Dragons! Penny is a fantastic heroine because she doesn’t think of herself as such. …Chrys Cymri perfectly captures this blend of humor, honesty, reality, and fantasy.’ ★★★★★  Readers’ Favorite

‘Chrys Cymri has created a treasure with the world of Lloegyr and the Father Penny is an absolutely endearing character to follow as a tour guide. I can’t wait to read more!’ ★★★★★ Goodreads Reviewer



A filly unicorn is discovered loose in Wootton Fields, a veil that separates the mystic world of Lloegyr from Earth, and a man is found dead with a Manchester United tattoo on his left bicep within immediate vicinity. A dam unicorn never leaves their filly unaccompanied or rarely in the company of another. Could this be a kidnapping gone wrong?

A second victim is found on the same stretch of the greens. A woman with a blue butterfly on her shoulder and Emily tattooed on her wrist. Are the cases related? Both victims have unicorn horn wounds through their chests and are stripped of their identifications. The unicorns are seen as Christological aristocratic figures. It doesn’t make sense that they could be responsible. Could it have been an equine wielder?

When Clyde is injured, the stakes begin to represent themselves. Clyde is healed by drinking powder from the unicorn horn mixed with whiskey. Russell, the coroner, made the mistake of touching a unicorn horn without gloves, his eye impediment was healed, and vasectomy reversed. Could these humans be hunting Unicorns for the healing properties of their horns? Penny has a blog and has published a book all about her Adventures in Lloegyr as The Vicar of Incursions. Could all this be linked?

So, I will jump to the end because I think every character build up and fragment in the book works to such a complete whole and it is summarized by the confrontation Penny has with the Archdruid. The unicorn uses the magic of illusion to create an insurmountable ocean of doubt by using the struggles of Penny’s vocation. In this episode, we see that Penny is passionate about her job but at the same time, she has a finite supply of time that she puts in her duties and the unicorn druid tries to convince her that she has neglected her family in the process.  That’s where Rosie, a retired priest comes into the story; she is to relieve Penny from some of her pastoral duties while she acts as a consultant for the production company that would like to use her local church as a filming location while she deals with the relations between the humans and Lloegyr. Necessity lessens her duties, but there is Holly, a disgruntled churchwarden who puts Father Penny’s tolerance to a severe test. Holly is nasty, even when she raises valid points about the state of the church building; her venom makes her requests absurd. Between juggling two relationships with Raven, the dragon and Peter the human, taking care of Clyde, and James, a brother, traumatized by the death of his love, Penny has her hands full.

I think the moral behind the confrontation is that every Christian has doubts at one point in their lives, but there is nothing greater than the power of faith, love, and support to help us overcome our deficiencies as human beings. And that can come from unlikely sources, Clyde, the adopted snail shark whose mother Penny killed, is there to save the day and remind Penny that she is still deserving of love and still far more than the decisions she’s made. Just read the book, okay, there are so many things and characters that I still did not touch on.

Simultaneously, Morey’s relationship with Inspector Taryn is heating up.Cliffhanger. Next book, Penny White will return in “The Marriage of Gryphons.”

In my review of the first book in the series Temptation of Dragons, I might have mentioned that Religion was a sensitive topic for me, but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore because the series is slowly growing on me. I loved The Cult of the Unicorns I would very much like to see what more challenges Penny will face as a Vicar in Lloegyr.

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Published: December 3, 2016
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