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This final stage of the editing process will correct the consistency, accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and usage of words.

The manuscript will be reviewed and sent back to you with suggestions to re-write, move, delete or add a section or I can do that for you.

This a perfect service for when you have finished your book and need a solidly written blurb. The blurb is a fixed rate of $60. This would require me to read your book first.

Check for overlooked misspellings and typographic errors along with the accuracy of page numbers, the table of contents, capitalizations, basic grammar, spacing, etc. One sentence at a time.

I will look at your manuscript objectively paying particular attention to the genre. I will point out all ‘things’ you might have missed.

I will review your book on any site of your choice. (Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Chapters Indigo, Amazon, Smashwords.)

content editing
book reviewer
beta reading
Copy Editing

I edit in Microsoft Word with track changes. Upon request, I can edit in Google Docs. Writers can submit 3-5 standard pages for a sample edit. A sample edit will determine if your manuscript needs to be copyedited or if it needs content/developmental editing and in some cases coaching(a beta read or manuscript evaluation). My beta reads or manuscript evaluation will provide guidance on specific issues that an author needs to address before editing.

I can proofread work I have done, but I advise most of my clients to engage a fresh pair of eyes especially for long documents. No single editor will get every error no matter how good they are.
I will edit without compromising your voice and critique with the particular genre of your manuscript in mind.

What you will get after an edit:
A word document with track changes.
A word document with all the changes implemented

Use the calculator to get an estimate. The price will include just one round of editing. Or contact me directly for a free quote at



You can contact me with a request via email at with a subject header “review request.” Please include the synopsis,purchase links, book cover and author bio.

I accept all formats.


I review all Fiction except for the genres listed below:

Erotica Bondage Picture books Comics

I accept Creative Non-Fiction and it is only limited to the subgenres below:


Other Non-Fiction I will accept:


Satisfied Customer

Noma is very proficient at what she does delivering excellent work in a very short amount of time. She takes your business and her work very seriously. She will assist you with advice beyond "editing and formatting" . I'm about to publish my first book after working with her and she is the person to go to if you are serious about quality work and deadlines. I will definitely hire her for the editing phase of my next book.


Creative Editing

I trust her insightful comments and suggestions. She gives from all her heart. I'm grateful to have worked with her.




You gave it more energy. Keep up the 'creative' writing, because you're great at it!