Book Review: Soul of a Warrior by Denna Holm(spoiler free)

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I see that the book has received a lot of good reviews, but I will go on a limb and say that Denna Holm dropped the ball on this one. The direction and execution of the story are incredibly lackluster and somehow lacked originality.

The book has an interesting background story, but it is replaced with something watered down. The story was all over; the author took bits and pieces from a lot of genres and tried to force them together like pieces from half a dozen different jigsaw puzzles. I have read so many books that cross genre lines, and I have enjoyed them very much but not this time. The alpha element in this story is tagged under Science Fiction and Fantasy, but the author missed it. I just felt she filed one genre over another to create cliff-hangers and as a result, the characters were not fully realized.

Here are some of the fundamental story points that I do not think work and why.

In the world of Laizahlia, there are two species, the Lycaeonian which are known as Lycans or werewolves on earth. And then we have the Laizahlian, and they are known as vampires on earth.  The idea that a vampire or a werewolf could be from another planet put me off right in the beginning; I expected something different I guess, maybe a vampire or werewolf mythology with a twist, perhaps?  And since both species are from Laizahlia, Wouldn’t it make sense to call them both Laizahlian and probably call the vampire something entirely different?

The villain plot was flimsy at its best. The villain character approach was an excellent idea, and it starts getting explored, but it gets thrown away quickly. And then it starts to feel like the plot is built to stretch a plot device that was originally designed to keep the ball rolling.

I would have liked the author to delve deeper into something complex than just a revenge story, and that would warrant the addition of all these extra characters. My problem was that the focus was taken away from the title character in favor of other characters that did not seem necessary at all.

I don’t want to read a story about the villain announcing himself; I want to read about the villain doing something to warrant that title and having villainy thoughts. I could barely finish the book, the first time. I reread the book just to bring myself not to give it a low rating, but I failed.

Would I recommend this book? If you are a critical reader, this is not the book for you..

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Release Date:July 30, 2016
Published by Crimson Cloak Publishing
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