Book Review : TJ’s Last Summer in Cape Cod by Garfield Whyte


Whyte’s TJ last Summer in Cape Cod is an eye-opening narration of TJ’s last summer at home before he heads to America on a basketball scholarship. While I do not necessarily enjoy reading about men who cheat, I think the flow of grammar is irreproachable; the sentences are effortless, and the logic is tight and transparent.

The relationship between the eighteen-year-old TJ and seventeen-year- old Maggie is very sweet and innocent. It reminds me of how it is like to fall in love for the first time, but Uncle Peter’s advice convolutes TJ’s innocence. I understand that some people might feel like TJ followed his Uncle Peter’s example and cheated, but TJ has not come into his own yet, his uncle is his role model. A boy of eighteen does not have the experience toward off the advances of a determined beautiful girl or woman.While Uncle Peter has redeeming qualities, conversely I feel like TJ’s father is a passive parent.

He does nothing to stop the bond between his brother and his son, completely aware what kind of man he is.Without getting too political, however, brief it was, the way Mr. Whyte describes the protégé’s mother struck a chord with me. When it comes to our hair, all women of different races can relate. We agonize about how to wear our hair: color, length and all.I give the book three stars because the execution of the story could benefit from a good content editor. The dialogue was too stiff. And the book as a whole lacks a bit of pizzazz.The author’s inability to go more in depth on human body reactions and actions undermines the narrative. The complexity of emotions is absent.Highly recommended for young adults.

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Published: Jan. 21 2016
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