Book Review: The Vanquished by Jessica V. Fisette


Kendra goes to Braxton Law and meets the mysterious Alaric A’mswirth . Alaric desires Kendra, but for her safety, he needs to stay away from her. Sure, Alaric is good looking and irresistible, but he is detached. Kendra wants him so much that she wants him so much. Kendra gets attacked in her room and guess who saves her? Alaric.

Does it ring a bell? Twilight or Fallen? Kendra gets a book from a mate, Jenna, entitled Vanquished. Upon reading the book, she finds out the real reason for her bad nightmares and the unexplainable things that are happening that only seem to worsen at the meeting of Alaric. They knew and loved each other in another life, and now they have to fight the Evil Nimrod. (Alaric is a Soul Reaper and Kendra a priestess if I read correctly)Lilith, Kendra’s roommate, is lurking in the shadows and wants to extract Kendra’s memories to locate a powerful dagger that could kill her. Well to make it short, Nimrod dies in this book.

My thoughts

 It was difficult for me to finish the book, but however, I continued with the hopes that it will pick up like most books I have read do. The technique used to tell the story was boring. Some parts were too narrative and detailed for my taste. (Too much tell and no show)

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Published: November 2, 2015
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