Book Review : The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri

‘This is a novel that everyone should read. It has so many layers; religion, humor, friendship, family, marriage, and social norms. Everyone can find something to love. I haven’t been able to stop talking about it! It’s original, refreshing, and delightful!’ ★★★★★  Readers’ Favorite

‘The world is richly penned with fully developed larger-than-life characters, a beautiful and believable world, and a premise that will tickle the fancy of anyone who loves a decent mystery wrapped in a shroud of fantasy. …A nearly flawless tale of a flawed woman doing her best with humor and faith, though not always with dignity, in a strange new world, this is one magical creation not to be missed!’  ★★★★ 1/2 InD’Tale Magazine


I really wanted to give the book one more star but I couldn’t. While I am quite liberal, I can also be stubborn in my beliefs. Religion is a sensitive topic for me.As soon I read the synopsis I was skeptical on whether I would enjoy the book or not. I was impressed by the way Chrys Cymri handled it beautifully. It is evident that the author knew her subject well. She was able to portray it realistically, and forethought was practiced to make sure the subject matter was represented carefully, in a non-offensive way, but different topics mean different things to a lot of people.

In Penny White and The Temptation of Dragons , we meet Penny the main character, who is an English Priest and has an accidental meeting with a dragon monk. When she reads the dragon her final rites, she has no idea he is from a parallel world where only mythical creatures exist. Her contact with the dragon gives her the “sight” which means she can see these creatures in their pure form in our world while others may not. The story gains momentum when Penny receives an invitation to be a Vicar of Incursions in this parallel universe of Lloegyr.

[On the day of her interview, she meets Ian and Rhis. They are both archdeacons and Rhis is a vampire. The conversation between these three was nothing short of philosophical that I found myself daring to believe in a universe where humans and mythical creatures lived together in peace and harmony. Or even fell in love.
The progression of the story-line is creativity in motion. I related to these creatures on a human level. Chrys gave the characters different personalities and beliefs that made the book even more engaging.

In the beginning, I questioned myself how they were able to communicate if they couldn’t shift to human form but since I am a huge fan of Merlin, the TV series, I let it slide. It was still muddling, though, how a non-shape shifting dragon could have any romantic relationship with a human. That did not stop the story from being amazingly good.

It is a merited read that would appeal to adolescent.

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Published: March 30th, 2016
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