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The Christmas Eve Letter is a story about a woman who travels back in time to prevent, supposedly the premature death of her great great grandfather’s sister who died of tuberculosis in 1885 and reunites her with her love.

Eve Sharland is a 30-year-old nurse’s assistant, old fashioned and enjoys antique shopping while some of her friends might not. While on vacation, Eve visits an antique shop and purchases a lantern with an unopened letter postmarked 24 Dec in New York, 1885, addressed to someone with her name. After a conversation with her father Eve learns that her great great grandfather’s sister also had the same name. When she lights the lantern, she is brought back to 1885. (Just a few months before the letter she found is written). A disoriented Eve is rescued by the brother (Albert Harringshaw) of the man who wrote the letter she found.  A man who is hell bent on making her his mistress and on keeping his brother, John Harringshaw from marrying the old Eve Sharland.

While the future Eve is fixated on finding the old Eve, Albert Harringshaw hires a detective by the name of Patrick Gantly to find out who she is. On her expedition to reunite old Eve and John Harringshaw, the future Eve falls in love with Detective Gantly. On the day of the costume ball, Gantly is shot defending Albert Harringshaw, again from a scorned mistress. With the lover’s reunited, Eve finds a way to come back to future New York to save her beau.

To each his own. I am sure that some people would undoubtedly enjoy the book.

My thoughts

I was intrigued by the cover and description of the book, but I was disappointed by the direction of the plot. Because:

1. Prince Charming did not rescue the damsel in distress.

2. The future Eve did not take the place of the old Eve. (It didn’t work for me. It spoiled everything I read after.”)

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Publisher: Broadback
Release Date: Sept. 12, 2016
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