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October 32 outlines the story of an insurance agent (Alexander Malefant) on his commission to Elora. Is his presence in this small town a malediction? Bad things start to happen. A child nearly drowns bobbing for apples; crows attack a group of kids, the children of the small town of Elora are missing. Would the mystery of what happened fifty years earlier be solved in their quest to find the children?

Larry Rodness gives us an assortment of interesting characters as we discover when they search for the children. There is something absolutely charming about their juvenile and impish simplicity.

The title ‘alone’ got me adrenalized.

 In the beginning, the narrative voice expresses his love for his profession but sounds so monotonous. Like he was a demoralized soul. It left me slightly depressed to continue. However, his vivid description of his surroundings as he enters the town of Elora stimulated my sense of sight bracing me for a spooktacular read. And I was somewhat disappointed.The Halloween setting, a woman, branded a witch and the crows has been recycled so many times that it utterly failed to captivate me.

It is wasn’t spooky enough to scare me or sufficiently mysterious to excite me.

A cross-genre between horror and mystery, October 32 is acceptable. The story line is carefully planned, and the writing is impeccable, but I felt like I was reading a replica combination of a Stephen King and Alfred Hitchcock book. It roused my interest enough for me to want to find out what was behind the strange occurrences in Elora.

The end was unexpected(buy the book to find out), but it still didn’t do it for me.

Published: October 31, 2015
Publisher: Deer Hawk Publications
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