Book Review : Dark Divine by Lia Davis




This is the third book in The Divinities series, so I will shy away from reviewing it as a stand-alone because I did not read the first two. With that in mind, it is defensible why there is an abundance of characters and plots in force.
Zack and Lydia are fated mates and secrets detain both from taking that final step. Zack is fearful of what he is capable of, and Lydia’s losses keep her guarded. Though their secrets keep them apart, they cannot resist the pull of nature.
Lydia has a son, Logan, sired by a demon and she will do anything in her power to eliminate their existence to protect him. Including becoming a rogue demon slayer. Zack is a dark-elf, and his powers defeated him once leading to the death of his father. His secret is safe until he meets Lydia. The demons tactics to destroy the divinities reveal their secrets.
Will their secrets bring them closer together in the battle against the demons?

There are no concessions in this story. It’s loaded with action, romance, mythical creatures and much more. While I immensely enjoyed the book, I wanted more romance. While the relationship between Lydia and Zach was steamy, I wasn’t fully satisfied with the way it developed and progressed.
Purchase a copy.
I would also recommend you get the first two books first.


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Published: November 9, 2016
Publisher: After Glows
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