Book Review : Her Ruthless Russian by Leslie North



Leslie North got the combination of romance, mystery, and suspense just right to make this a disgustingly great book. It’s rare the blurb gives you what you exactly expect.

The first two chapters of the book are a mark of a good scene which advances the plot and character of the whole novel. It’s not only the scene but the dialogue too; it’s drawn out perfectly with just about enough suspense to keep readers or at least kept me engaged.

In search of his father’s brutal murderer, Vlad ‘pays a personal visit,’ to O’ Connor Fine Art Gallery. Madison O’Connor is in dispute with the men delivering wood frames at the family owned gallery. When the supervisor shoves Madison, Vlad intervenes. From the minute Vlad intervened at the gallery, I knew Madison was in trouble. What woman would not feel more protected in the company of a macho man?

 Madison is an absolutely smart lady. Why would she think her seduction tactics to get closer to Vlad and extract information to blackmail him into releasing the hold the Russian Mafia had on her father would work? An observant experienced Vlad does not miss the opportunity to invite the red-head for; I quote Dmitry, Vlad’s brother, “dressed-up interrogation” dinner, and against her friend’s advice Madison meets up with him.  A tour of the gallery after dinner leads to groping which would have resulted in so much more had it not been for Peter Franklin’s intrusion, Carson O’Connor’s former associate, and friend.

Madison’s move to Vlad’s apartment block reinforces the continuation from where they left off.

Could Vlad’s father’s killer be the same person who ordered the hit on him? Is it possibly Peter or Maxim, Vlad’s alcoholic older brother?

And would Madison’s pregnancy convince Vlad to leave his Mafia ways behind?

Loved it! Recommended for only romance fans and fans of romance mixed with a bit of mystery suspense. Sex,action,twists,its all in there.

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Published: Dec 30, 2016
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