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The overall story alternates between the perspectives of Dylan and Tyler.
Tyler has spent the last eight years of his life playing football in California. He accidentally crashes into Dylan on his way to a meeting with a sports anchor to discuss his acquisition with the New England Patriots in Boston.

Dylan grows up being the only girl in a family full of boys. And she works in an industry dominated by men doing what she loves and knows. Sports. I liked that aspect of the novel. Dylan is a hockey player and loves the Boston Bruins among other sports and teams. The rivalry between my favorite hockey team and the Bruins is considered “one of the greatest rivalries in sports.”

Dylan’s twin brother, Carter’s career in hockey was cut short by an injury. And while trying to recover back in school worked as a trainer at the gym. And trains Dylan for free whenever he can. And guess what?On one of their training sessions, a month after the crash, Tyler walks into the gym. Their recurrent bumps at the gym opens a door for Dylan to ask Tyler to hang out with her, Carter, Rosie, her roommate and a few friends.

Before long Tyler becomes a regular addition to their hangouts. I like how the author creates tension; I read the book in one night, flipping through the pages anticipating the friendship to explode into a full-blown affair. I knew it was true love when Dylan noticed that Tyler called her Boston when he was joking around and Dylan when he was serious. Brushing their teeth together in the bathroom, totally cute!

I couldn’t wait for their first kiss. And when Tyler finally loses the battle, he gives her a light kiss on the lips and her forehead.It was frustrating.And I am not the only one who was frustrated. Tyler puts a stop to their heated kiss on his kitchen counter, Dylan gets angry and describes it as being given a “whiplash.”

When they finally jump in bed together, they cannot get enough of each other. Would a job opportunity for Dylan in New York be the end of their relationship?
The setting and topic had a powerful impact on the mood of the story and allowed the author to develop these elements of her novel to their richest potential. It did not feel forced because the manner in which Leslie narrates the story made me come to the conclusion that the story was written from the heart and upon reading her profile it was hard for me to separate the book from the author.
I am particularly susceptible to fluffy romance but Falling for Boston was not one of them, and I was constantly in a temporary state of laughter.
The witty dialogue. Even if the tone of the whole book was not entirely serious in a way, the emotion was there. I couldn’t help but think that some of Dylan’s sarcastic remarks were because she had a low esteem.

I loved the story. Impressive piece of writing.

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Release Date: October 13, 2016
Publisher: Leslie Kate Press
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