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Lucifer’s reunion with his fellow brothers reveals that his Father is missing; The Gardens and Host of Heavens, gone.

Meanwhile, Lucifer’s mate, Kai who is a vampire, is on a mission to capture Gregory who made a pact with the devil that he didn’t honor.

In Lucifer’s absence, Kai realizes that no one respects him because of his affiliation to Lucifer. To regain that respect he kills one of the Other-kin and finds himself scheduled for a duel.

Everybody seems to be keeping a secret.

Stephan, Te’s consort, Te is also a friend to Lucifer and Kai, wants Kai dead. He gives the kazat, steroids to prepare for the duel with Kai.

Lucifer has enthralled Kai. Te is an archangel. Facts Kai only discover when Lucifer disappears.

Gregory is a vampire. Roberta, his secretary, finds out when she accidentally stumbles upon his capture.God didn’t tell his sons about the Creator Gods.

John-Lavender is not who he seems.

The kazat’s hibernation cycles are extending each year but they refuse to go to Te for guidance.

The writer introduces us to more Other-kin.Vampires.Werewolves.Kazat.Eineu.Etc

I don’t want to give you more, but I suggest you get yourself a copy.

 Susan-Alia Terry is a visionary. The worlds she created in Coming Darkness begin in a place where only she can visualize them and which readers want to absorb. She creates a convincing make-believe Mythical universe where she brings up questions why we are created with free-will if God knew we would live a life of pain. What if God was held accountable for our suffering?

I would have preferred to see more of Lucifer’s relationship with Kai before he disappeared. I‘m not particularly impressed by Kai and Te sleeping together so soon after Lucifer’s disappearance. It feels like a betrayal.

I am not saying the book is rushed; there is too much information to take in one book. I nearly got lost trying to understand what was happening with the werewolves. It is a story that could have been preserved for another book: a minor complaint in the bigger scheme of things; more of something to keep in mind for future books. It is great pacing, though, perhaps, it is me, I focused more on character development specifically the way we learn more about the characters, there is a definite sense of various characters coming together. I am interested to see how Kai will react to Lucifer when he finally returns,that is if he does return. I have a hunch that in the following book, Roberta and Kai would fall in love, and perhaps Kai would transform her.The way the content is delivered is something special all by itself. I absolutely loved it and can’t wait for the next one.

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Published: March 19, 2016 by Creativia
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