Book Review: Redemption : Sea Assassins Book 2 by Danielle Hardgrave


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Favorite quote from Redemption

“Sharks don’t have hobbies, they have objectives.”

It is nice to see a softer side of Nate because he is the Villain in the first novel Betrayal. His affection for Darcy stopped him from killing Gabriel, Darcy’s boyfriend, but he still feels like a failure somehow with not going through with it. He knows that Sophia is whom Darcy cares about the most next to Gabriel, so he plans to take his revenge by killing her. He is just a product of his upbringing as much as Lexa is. The clan leader, his father, Marcus is on his deathbed, and he is to be the next clan leader so his revenge is motivated by his failure to do the right thing according to the rules that the Shark Shifter Assassins live by. I noticed a hint of jealousy from Nate of Gabriel. Gabriel has abandoned the clan and is living a happy life with a woman he loves near the beach and Nate doesn’t get thanks for it.

If, I had been Sophia I would have been suspicious of his sudden appearance in my apartment. Sophia is still young, a University student, Nate is her first crush, her head is clouded by his feelings for him even if she knows what he is. She is so adorable, but it feels awkward and wrong somehow because there is obviously a big gap in their maturity level.Seeing their lives and personalities, it just makes sense why they would fall for each other. Nate is so smooth and hard, which would be attractive to an unexperienced young woman, and the reasons he gives for his sudden appearance can melt a girl’s heart. If I didn’t know that Nate didn’t know that Sophie had a crush on him, I would have thought he was playing on her feelings for him to get close enough to kill her.

I love the relationship development between Sophia and Nate. It starts out as a revenge thing, then it becomes a love thing. Sophia is every thing that Lexa is not .An assassin also, Lexa is from the Head Clan from Greece, and the natural progression is for Nate to marry her when his father dies because she is from a powerful family too. She is too cold, practical and ambitious enough to blackmail Nate to get what she wants, power, even she knows that Nate has no feelings for her, and that makes it easier for Nate to fall for Sophie as they spend more time together. She is a sweet girl and takes him away from his disorderly life. I had a problem with Nate’s part of the dialogue in the novel. Considering how he was raised and the people he grew up with, I expected more grumpiness from him.

Nate is obviously confused, the reasons he gives himself for not going through with his original plan to kill her are weak. I just like Nate’s character development, his growing feelings for Sophie make him realize that Gabriel’s friendship had kept him sane amid his father’s abuse and Sophie makes him human.It is nice to see he has some moral qualities even if he is an assassin. Him standing up to his father is epic and his reaction after Nate confesses he is love with a ‘permie’ human, priceless.

Sophie’s explosion at Darcy is unfair. Totally ungrateful. Darcy made so many sacrifices for her, giving up her dreams so Sophie could have a roof over her head, food in her stomach and a good education. This could have been avoided if she had communicated her feelings to Darcy.

I loved the story. Can be read as a standalone.

Hint: Please Danielle, I am looking forward to Lexa’s story.

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 Published by Caldwell Publishing
Release date: Jan. 20 2017

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