Book Review: Her Rogue Russian : Karev Brothers Book 2 by Leslie North


In book 2 of the Karev brothers, the search for Sergey’ s murder continues.

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The Blood Diamond Task Force believes that the people responsible for Sergey’s murder are linked to the smuggling operation they have been tracking. They need an agent who can blend in with them and can operate on their level. Enter Maxim, former mafia member and one of three of Sergey’s sons. A perfect candidate to be the super spy.

Maxim is to go back into his old life with FBI agent Savannah Casillero as his girlfriend. They go through some ‘tests’ to validate their cover. An adult painting class, dinner, the tattoo parlor and the night club.  All hot, hot, hot and hot, by the way. Some good moments there.

And I don’t know how I feel about Travis employing Maxim when he was aware of the sexual relationship he had with his wife Rebecca before. I would not approve. That I could dismiss with the notion that we are all wired differently.

The first book was enjoyable, I read it in one seating, but it left me hanging that’s why I gave it 4 stars. The plot for Her Russian Rogue was headed in the right direction, but the setting, characters and world building could use extensive development. It somehow felt like a stifled sequel attempt.

I have no doubt that some people may enjoy it. And I did too, to a certain extent.

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Published: January 11, 2017

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