Book Review: Forgotten Visions:The Divinities Book 1 by Lia Davis


Review of Dark Divine: The Divinities Book 3

Convinced her parent’s deaths’ wasn’t an accident, coffee shop owner, Kalissa, with a gift to see visions, sets out to find their murderer. A clue leads her to Charlotte, Carolina, into the arms of former lover and destined mate, Ayden Daniels. The problem is, she doesn’t seem to remember him. Fifteen years earlier, Kalissa had broken Ayden’s heart and dumped him for someone else. Someone had taken her memory of him. Someone desperate enough to see them apart.

Together(Ayden and Kalissa ), embark on a dangerous journey to find their parents’ and other special people like them’s (Divinities- born to rare and ancient bloodlines bearing a unique birthmark of a vivid red rose)murderer.

As it turns out, Demetrius, a demon under the direction of Khan, has been hunting down Divinities to get hold of the Sinew necklace, in order to harvest their powers. Each man has a different motive. Khan is a Dark Divine, a half witch and half demon, cast away from the coven for his darker side. Demetrius wants to avenge his father’s death, at the hands of the witch, Hecate.

United again, the Divinities, defenders of the magickin, have to find and protect the Sinew. Now they have taken charge of it. But the demons will stop at nothing to get it back. And working with them is none other than Liam, Kalissa’s ex-boyfriend, believed to be dead and the culprit responsible for her memory loss. Liam is a half-demon, raised by a demon father, who wanted to blend in with humans by suppressing his son’s nature, branding him psychotic. His obsession with Kalissa leads to his demise and a happy ending for her and Ayden.

The book ends with a cliff-hanger for next time.

I give this book four hearts for one reason only. It’s just one of those good kinda boring books. The plot will trick you into following the story, but the writing technique could use a little oomph. Would I read the next book in the series? Most definitely!


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Published: Aug. 24 2016
Publisher: After Glows
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