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For a package deal please email me at Let me know what you need and your budget .Click here for an example of my editing style sheet

This final stage of the editing process will correct the consistency, accuracy, grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax and usage of words.

The manuscript will be reviewed and sent back to you with suggestions to re-write, move, delete or add a section or I can do that for you.

This a perfect service for when you have finished your book and need a solidly written blurb. The blurb is a fixed rate of $60. This would require me to read your book first.

Check for overlooked misspellings and typographic errors along with the accuracy of page numbers, the table of contents, capitalizations, basic grammar, spacing, etc. One sentence at a time.

I will look at your manuscript objectively paying particular attention to the genre. Reading is solitary, and the result will primarily depend on my personal response as a reader. I will point out all ‘things’ you might have missed.
Beta Reading Worksheet

content editing
beta reading
Copy Editing

Simple and bold design for web sites and applications, with focus on content, typo and colors.

Your brand is your own story. Through brand strategy we craft experiences that help you.


We develop various high quality digital products, including web and mobile applications.



Use the calculator to get an estimate. The price will include just one round of editing. Or contact me directly for a free quote at